Civil Arms Inc. offers consulting in export/import licensing and compliance. The licensing of exports and imports from and to the U.S. has become exceedingly complex. Anyone involved in exporting or importing goods knows this.

Civil Arms Inc. specializes in assisting companies to negotiate the stressful waters of exporting and importing. We can help you with all aspects of licensing and exemptions for exports and imports: ITAR licensing via D-Trade, Commerce Department SNAP-R licensing, BATFE, ITAR/EAR training seminars, customized training, compliance manuals, and much more.

Our focus is to help companies efficiently export or import while staying in compliance with U.S. regulations.


Services Offered:

  • DDTC Registration

    Registration is required of all companies who manufacture defense articles, whether they are actively selling abroad or not. Brokers must secure a separate registration. We will explain which registration category applies to you and help you fill out the forms correctly.


  • D-Trade Registration

    State Department requires the use of their electronic licensing system, D-Trade, for submitting licenses. D-Trade registration is a separate process than DDTC registration. There are several steps involved in registering with D-Trade including purchasing digital certificates and downloading a dedicated software application. We will walk you through the entire process.


  • Commerce Department Licenses

    Most goods not covered by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) are governed by the Export Administration Regulation (EAR). The Commerce Department leads on this and provides for export licenses. The Commerce Department does not charge a fee to register or to submit a license. If we determine that your export requires a Commerce license then we will walk you through registering for their electronic licensing system (SNAP-R), fill out the application, submit and track the status daily.


  • Classify Your Products

    USML Category
    In order file for a license with the State Department, one must first determine where your product fits under the U.S. Munitions List. We will work with you to make sure you correctly categorize your export. 
    • ECCN Determination
      Your export may not fall under the State Department's ITAR, but instead be under the jurisdiction of the Commerce Department. Determining the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is a first step in the Commerce Department export licensing process. We can help you "self-determine" the ECCN for your product.
    • Schedule-B Number
      The Census Bureau and the International Trade Commission, respectively, manage the Schedule-B and the U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) tables. The HTS is an internationally-agreed upon system that assigns a 6-digit number to each product that is traded internationally to insure uniformity amongst customs officials around the world. Each country can assign an additional 4-digit code; the resulting 10-digit code is the Schedule-B number. Knowing your product's Schedule-B (or in some cases its USHTS) code is needed to make the appropriate export document filing in the Automated Export System. As with ECCNs and USML categories, sometimes determining the correct Schedule-B or USHTS number is not so easy. We can help you with this determination as well.


  • State Department Licenses

    Once it is determined that your products fall under the ITAR and you are ready to export or import we will create the appropriate license application making sure you have all the necessary documents and information to help State process your application as quickly as possible. Our services also include walking you through the submission process and daily status tracking of your application. There are many types of licenses and other filings depending on the situation.


  • Compliance

    • Compliance Audits
      We will meet with you to discuss and review your current practices, procedures and physical facilities. We will provide a report of findings, make suggestions for improvements and work with you to implement recommended changes. This is often done in conjunction with on-site training.
    • Compliance Manuals
      Every company involved in exporting should have a compliance manual. We will help you write a customized compliance manual or review and make improvements to your current compliance manual.


  • Training

    • Customized On-Site Training