Arisaka LLC is a design and manufacturing company, owned and operated by Walter Fowler and William Roberson. They share an ardent enthusiasm for shooting sports and seek to create unique, well-engineered components and accessories for the shooting industry.

Both Walt and Will hold the men and women who serve our country in high regard. Their family ties to the U.S. military span several generations, reaching back to World War II. Walt grew up as an Air Force brat and Will is an Army brat, and both their fathers are Vietnam veterans. During World War II, Will had a grandfather on the USS Arkansas and USS Shangri-La, and an uncle in the 442nd RCT.

As Japanese Americans, they chose the name Arisaka to honor their cultural background and show respect for Arisaka Nariakira, one of Japan's most iconic weapons designers. Many of the core principles of Japanese culture, such as perseverance, teamwork, harmony, and family, have a direct impact on Arisaka's operations.

All Arisaka products are designed, tested, and made on our own CNC machines in the USA. We proudly employ Americans.

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