Jacob Grey

Jacob Grey firearms are engineered, designed, built, and tested in our facility to guarantee the highest quality, superior precision, and accuracy. We have been providing quality firearms for over 11 years now, the owner actually started off building custom 1911s in 2010. In 2012, Jacob Grey opened his aerospace machine shop. Proudly manufacturing OEM parts for some of the most respected names in the aerospace industry.

Using our experience as a gold star supplier for aerospace/defense, we have transformed our brand into firearms that give you the precision, reliability, accuracy, and insurance one needs. If you know the industry, you know they allow no room for mistakes. We must achieve perfection, holding laser tight tolerances. All of our primary firearm components are machined using aluminum billet, machined with the direction of the grain for durability, strength, and tolerance accuracy. Our firearms have a unique precision cut design and fit, unlike a forging or casting like most other manufacturers use. Each Jacob Grey ™ firearm is hand built one by one, inspected, and tested to produce an elevated level of craftsmanship. Your mind can be at ease, as we strongly hold to our lifetime warranty on every firearm. We thrive on providing civilian, law enforcement, military, hunters, and competitive shooters precision and quality firearms that can be relied upon for years to come.
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