Amend2 Magazines is a family owned and operated business based in Idaho Falls, ID. Founded in 2013 when throughout the entire country it was difficult to get most firearm accessories, and everyday shooters were struggling to find what they needed to be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. Being passionate about our country and having experience in industrial plastics, we saw a need to provide reliable, affordable, and top-of-the-line polymer accessories to the patriots in this country. In 2014, we released our Mod-1 version of the Amend2 AR-15 magazine. From that time to now, we have made some minor modifications to enhance the functionality and cosmetic design of our AR-15 line of magazines.

Amend2 has quickly gained market share for being known as the toughest AR-15 magazine on the market. We have continued expanding our line with additional platforms and calibers to meet the needs of our customers. We proudly produce our products in the United States with the majority of our parts and components coming from our own backyard in Idaho and Utah.

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