Alexander Arms

Bill Alexander had a vision. As the top armourer for the UK, Bill had designed dozens of new weapons, small arms cartridges, and vehicle armor that has been battle-proven the world over. Yet, he wanted to go beyond that. He came to the US with a blank piece of paper and an imagination in overdrive. After years of design, testing and development, he combined the devastating firepower of his .50 caliber Beowulf cartridge with a masterfully engineered variation of the venerable AR-15 light assault rifle. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Bill then saw a need for a flat shooting, hard-hitting long-range cartridge with accuracy far surpassing the current state of the art. His efforts led to the development of the 6.5 Grendel. Again, he designed a variation of the AR-15 to function flawlessly with his new cartridge. It is upon these two remarkable cartridges that Alexander Arms was built. The end result of Mr. Alexander’s efforts are U.S. made rifles that will hunt, compete, win the war on terrorism and fight like no others on the market.

Alexander Arms’ manufacturing facilities are located on the Radford Arsenal in the Southwest of Virginia. We build rifles without compromise. Every effort we make is made with the understanding that not only the operator’s life depends on it, but the freedoms that allow us to make these rifles also depend on it. We do nothing without that basic tenet in mind.

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