Civil Arms 10th anniversary

It already been 10 years since we started supplying International dealers, distributors and individuals with firearms and accessories which are available in the U.S.A.. It will always be a pleasure and a privilege to do business with you, dear customer.

Sincerely yours,

Civil Arms

Primary Arms 2021

The SLx 1x MicroPrism is a revolutionary new 1x prism scope that combines the agility and size of a micro red dot with the reliability of an etched reticle and adjustable diopter.


The agility and size of a micro red dot with the reliability of an etched reticle and adjustable diopter.


Daylight-bright illumination with our patented AutoLive™ motion-sensing technology, ensuring that you get maximum runtime for always-on operations.


Choose between The ACSS® CYCLOPS-G2 and the ACSS® GEMINI reticles. Each available in either red or green illuminated reticles.

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CMC Triggers Announces the Release of the KRAGOS™ Aftermarket Slide s for Glock® 17 & 19 Gen 3

CMC Triggers' new KRAGOS™ Glock® compatible slide symbolizes victory and strength, much like that of the Greek God in which the name was inspired. The KRAGOS™ Slide solidifies CMC's reputation for producing premium aftermarket Glock® parts and accessories. The aggressively sleek design and enhanced a esthetics of the KRAGOS™ improve accuracy and performance without sacrificing reliability or concealment. The KRAGOS™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup, improving accuracy. Constructed from 17-4 stainless-steel billet, CMC's KRAGOS™ Glock® Slides are then heat-treated to H900 42-44RC and coated with a Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) finish for added corrosion resistance and durability. DLC coatings exhibit a desirable combination of low coefficient friction and high micro-hardness, making it the perfect upgrade in high wear applications.

The KRAGOS™ features a wraparound scalloped serration pattern that improves grip while manipulating the slide, like press checking the chamber or clearing a malfunction. The 45-degree chamfer edge eases holster ingress and egress, preventing snags on gear. All slides come with standard Glock® sight cuts equipped with tritium night sights and pre-cut optic pocket for the easy, secure, low-profile mounting that accommodates all red dot pistol optics that share an RMR® footprint.

The KRAGOS™ Slide accepts factory or aftermarket barrels and parts, is the ideal upgrade for your factory Gen 3 Glock® 17 or Glock® 19 pistols and pairs nicely with Polymer 80 frames for new custom gun builds.

Introducing Adams Arms

Civil Arms is pleased to welcome Adams Arms to our portfolio:

The Adams Arms team is committed to providing cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior, starting with the industry's first and only patented retrofit kit for the AR 15 Platform that makes it a relevant weapon of the future. We will continue to develop products that improve performance and minimize maintenance at the highest level of quality from full rifles to all relative configurations. The Adams Arms Piston System provide superior performance and have lower maintenance costs than anything available on the market today. Additionally, the Retro-fit System offered by Adams Arms will save Law Enforcement, Military and Private Citizens thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of the high cost of replacing their current weapons.